==Background: As we have read through and analyzed Elie Wiesel’s Night, we uncovered that his purpose in writing the book was to make sure that the world did not forget the inhuman actions of the Nazis and their allies during World War II. His goal in attempting this was twofold: 1) Weisel wanted to make sure that the memories of those killed by the Nazis were honored; and 2) Weisel wanted to make certain that by keeping the Holocaust ever in people’s minds, humans were never capable of repeating the atrocities suffered by the Jewish people and others during the war. His goals evolved to include preventing and alleviating suffering for peoples around the world. We now turn our own hands at using our skills from the English Language Arts classroom into assisting Wiesel in his noble goals by spreading awareness of modern day suffering, large and small. 'Task: In our efforts to carry on Weisel’s efforts, we will demonstrate our understanding of Night’s themes, as well as our ability to communicate effectively in the English language, using various devices and rhetorical tools. This demonstration of knowledge and skill will take the form of public service artifacts, such as a brief addition to the daily bulletin, urging fellow students to make themselves aware of the suffering that people endure around the world, or the creation of tasteful, impactful, professional quality public service posters that focus the viewer’s attention on a specific instance of suffering or need from around the world, or three succinct, sophisticated, clear, and passionate pleas to your elected representatives to help raise awareness and/or end suffering, using specific instances from around the world. In addition, you will write a summarization of your chosen cause to champion, and you will write a brief rationale on the strategies you chose to use to convey your message.

Once again, you will choose 1 of the following 3 projects to work on with a collaborative group:==

  • ==Public Service Announcement, added to the Daily Bulletin==
  • ==Targeted Public Service Annoucement Posters==
  • ==3 Letters to Elected Officials==

Outcomes: There are a variety of learning outcomes and personal outcomes associated with this project. As a demonstration of your skills, it allows me to assess how well you have learned the skills taught throughout the unit, and it allows you to reflect on what skills you need to focus on going forward in your educational career. Additionally, you get to have the pride and satisfaction of working toward something practical, using those academic skills to do something that can potentially help end suffering in the world. You get to take and make a stand against the bullies of the world. You will be swimming in warm fuzzies by the time you are finished.

Due: April 30. 2012

Additional Requirements:

  • MLA Format must be observed in all written artifacts, including the letters to the elected officials.
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