Introduction/Background: It is a song, sung by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton called "Islands in the Stream". This song is written by Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb and Barry Gibb; it describes two people being in love is like Islands in the Stream.

Synopsis/Summary: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Porton represents a couple that are deeply in love with each other. Rogers delcares that "tender love is blind" (Gibb). His evidence for this is that "it requires a dedication" (Gibb).

Rogers and Parton also describes that their love for each other is like "islands in the stream" (Gibb). Their evidence for this is that "no one in between" (Gibb).

The songs explains love for two people is like two against the world, and that no other people exist in their lives, just "from one lover to another" (GIbb)


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