This website is based on giving advice to people in love and have a few definitions of love. This website shows that there is not only one definition of love and they also try to explain love.


No one can give the right definition of love, it depends on the person who is telling you about love. Love is a way of life that could be described as patient, kind, and protective. The patient aspect is for the time you have to wait to find the right one. The kind part of love is once you have found the right one you will have a better time and you do not need to worry about other people with love. "Love has no envy, nor love boasts itself and love is never proud " (Levy). The protective part of love helps you with your life by giving you something to look forward to. "Love protects; preserves and hopes for the positive aspect of life" (Levy). Love can be described in many different way with a lot of explanations. Over all love is a complicated aspect of life which is kind of hard to explain but without love a world would fall apart.

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