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Waiting in VainEdit

Bob Marley - Waiting in vain

Bob Marley - Waiting in vain


Introduction/Background: This is a song, sung and written by Bob Marley called "Waiting in Vain." He describes a time where he was being "led on" by a girl that he loved.

Synopsis/Summary: Bob starts out by singing that he doesn't "wanna wait in vain for your love" which means that he doesn't want to waste his time loving a girl if she won't love him back. He then wanders when and if she will ever love him. Bob says that "when summer and winter come, he'll still be waiting there" which means that he will wait for the girl to love him, no matter how long the wait. He then explains that he's been waiting three years for the girl to love him and he can still wait some more but he uses the phrase "knockin' on your door" instead of "loving you" to describe his feelings. In the end, he says that "there's a lot of grief in life" but the girl's "love is his relief."

BTW, it's Riley.


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